The Temptation French Restaurant

Combining finest Western dishes influenced by Asia in an intimate atmosphere, The Temptation offers innovative French and Fusion cuisine.

Unusual ingredients of the freshest and highest quality, personalized service and flaming flambés will deliver an unparalleled dining experience not to be missed.

More about Us

Chef La Thua An

Vietnamese by birth La Thua An was brought up in France. He started his culinary career in New Caledonia. In 2008, he returned to Vietnam and captured culinary hearts at Princess D’Annam, La Residence Hotel & Spa in Hue, Equatorial & Hilton Hotels. Chef An La uses only the finest ingredients to reveal its pure flavors which, like a personal message, reach straight to the heart.

Suggestion Menu

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, Roasted Capsicum, Shave Parmesan Cheese & Garden Mix
Carpaccio Bò Úc Black Angus, Ớt Chuông Nướng, Phô Mai Parmesan Kèm Salad Hỗn Hợp



Pan Fried Foie Gras with Honey Truffle & Crunchy Nuts, Duo Green Mango & Melon Salad with Homemade Duck Breast Cured, Rhubarb Chutney, Passion Fruit & Fish Sauce Dressing, Raspberry Sauce
Gan Vịt Pháp Áp Chảo Với Mật Ong Truffle Và Các Loại Hạt Giòn Kèm Sa Lát Xoài Xanh, Dưa Lưới & Ức Vịt Xông Khói, Mứt Rhubard, Nước Mắm Chanh Dây Và Sốt Quả Mâm Xôi



Roasted Lamb Rack, Smoked Eggplant Caviar, Gnocchi & Cherry Tomatoes Sautéed, Grilled Vegetables, Crispy Pumpkin Blossom, Mint & Lemon Gel, Mustard Sauce with Truffle Honey Flavor.
Sườn Cừu Nướng Dùng Kèm Cà Tím Caviar Xông Khói, Gnocchi & Cà Chua Bi Xào. Rau Củ Nướng, Hoa Bí Chiên Giòn, Mứt Chanh Bạc Hà, Sốt Mù Tạt Mật Ong Hương Nấm Truffle



The Sweet Egg Nest of Han River - Under The Bamboo Cage, Ginger & Lemongrass Infused Caramel Egg Shell, Young Coconut & White Chocolate Mousse with His Strawberry Heart, Passion Fruits Sphere, Orange & Nuts Biscuit, Salted Caramel Apple Nest, Fruits Coulis
Bánh Tổ Chim Sông Hàn – Bánh Mousse Dừa Non Với Chocolate Trắng Nhân Dâu Tây, Sốt Chanh Dây Được Bao Phủ Bởi Lớp Vỏ Caramel Mặn Kèm Với Bánh Biscuit Hạt Hương Cam & Sốt Trái Cây Đỏ




TripAdvisor Reviews


"High quality of French dinner"

The design of the restaurant is elegant. We tend to walk-in initially but full booking in day 1, so we booked a table in the garden in the next day. The view of garden quite good. The staff are nice and professional. They introduced the menu politely. Overall, the staff kept an eye on us in the progress of the dinner carefully. The speed of serving dishes are fast. My favourite dishes are the sea scallops and the dessert, The Egg Nest on Han River. I really love the decoration of the dessert. It’s quite special that inspired by Vietnam’s features.

September 2019


"Wish can back again"

Luv the dishes display. Luv the staff service. And luv the dessert so so much. I hope can be back next time to try on different dishes.

September 2019


"Cozy atmosphere, delicious food and amazing service"

I and my husband went to Da Nang for business trip. Then we have visited the Temptation restaurant. Our first impression are staffs was professional and the owner are very nice person.
I have enjoyed my risotto. It was perfect and lovely. I wish my tummy big enough to eat 2 dishes. My husband had banana blossom salad. And for sure he loved it. We had one bottle of wine as well.
It was a wonderful night for us. Highly recommended.

September 2019

Tram Nguyen N

"Best friends trip"

Highly recommend this restaurant! Beautiful place! Excellent food, perfect service and best price! The staff Huy gave us a very impressive service! He is polite, attentive and always takes the initiative to help! Perfect service from him!

September 2019


"Excellent food and service"

We come soon 30 min but they still gave us a table and before that they informed for us about because we came to soon and that time fully all restaurants then food and service will a bit slow for us, we accept that and they gave us a table. Next to that a waiters come to us and show menu and asked want suggestions with a smiley face if we can’t decide food. After that they gave us a surprise in a crystal ball that so tasty and yummy. We begin with smoke salmon and seabass ceviche. Main course we have is seabass and smoke Angus beef dessert we try dragon ball and Egg nest. Overall quality and decoration food is more expect. All staff they alway smile with us and it give us a good emotion when we tired for all day in Ba Na Hill. We will highly recommending to our friend and family

September 2019


"Good experience in restaurant"

The temptation is good finding restaurant. The food and services very good. One of my favorites is starter banana blossom salad. Highly recommend to visit Da Nang

September 2019